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Zorachka Soft

Zorachka Soft LLC was established on August 17, 2016 with the goal of organizing a team to develop new software technologies and proprietary software products. Zorachka Soft LLC aims to develop advanced technologies for working with video data, capable of competing on the world market with solutions from companies such as Google, Apple, MPEG LA and others. The main focus will be on developing technology solutions for video transmission, storage and playback. The result of the work is unique software libraries which have no analogues in the world in terms of their technical characteristics, on the basis of which new software products will be built.


The software development company ZubrSoft was founded at the end of 2017. Despite the young age, we gathered unique specialists with vast experience, and we plan to take a leading position in the market of IT-outsourcing, we have global plans. We make clear and sound relations with our customers and partners, we are for the long term partnership and expected results. In particular, we are looking forward to our clients business growth. Our focus is a custom software development, creation of MTV for start-ups, highly loaded web-projects, payment gateways, API and development of mobile applications. Also, we plan  to develop expertise in the new directions, such as: blockchain, IOT, VR/AR. In addition we can provide advisory services in the spheres of information security, blockchain, code review, marketing, automation of business processes. Major programming languages: Java, PHP, NET, Rust, GO. Technologies and systems: Linux, Apple, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows.

Ztech Development

Ztech Development LLC specializes in software development, designed for expansion of functional of specified above high-loaded SaaS-platform "Affise". The company is also engaged in  promotion, technical support and training the users of this platform


“ZETPOINT APP” LLC is a domestic software development company. The company was founded in 2019, it leads development in the field of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for mobile devices. The priority is given to the augmented reality technologies. iOS, Android, .Net, C++ and other platforms are used for the development

Zephyr Development

Zephyr Development LLC is a mobile app & games developer and publisher company. We focus on innovation, proactive implementation and rich user experience. We create essential applications for people all over the globe

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