HTP Announces the Results of 2017

28 March 2018

2017 became a landmark for HTP and Belarusian IT industry. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko announced the course to create an IT-country and to accelerate the development of the digital economy in Belarus. That became a positive signal for business.  The socio-economic development of HTP was characterized by a steady growth and its exports exceeded USD 1 billion for the first time in history.

Growth Rate

Production and sales revenue of HTP resident-companies increased by 1,2 times and amounted to BYN 2173,9 million in 2017 demonstrating the growth rate of 121 percent.

TOP-10 HTP Resident-Companies by Sales

1.       EPAM

2.       Game Stream

3.       IBA IT Park

4.       Itransition

5.       iTechArt Group

6.       ISsoft Solutions

7.       Exadel

8.       AIMATTER

9.       ScienceSoft

10.   System Technologies

Domestic Market

HTP domestic sales increased by 1,2 times in 2017 and equaled to BYN 189.0 million.

TOP-10 Suppliers to Belarusian Market

1.       SOFTCLUB Development Center

2.       System Technologies

3.       IBA IT Park

4.       LWO

5.       Avest

6.       Human System

7.       Mapsoft

8.       EPAM

9.       BAS Innovation

10.     Intelligent Systems

Software and IT Services Exports

In 2017 HTP exports increased by 25 percent and reached USD 1,025.0 billion (in 2016 HTP exports reached USD 820.6 million ). The import of services is USD 5 million. The share of exports in HTP total production is 91 percent.

The realization of high-tech projects for foreign customers allowed HTP residents to acquire knowledge that allows creating world-famous IT solutions. Thus in August 2017, Google acquired Belarus-based AI company – HTP resident AIMatter. The world's technology giant was attracted by a nifty technology developed by Belarusian engineers. In March 2018, this unique technology was introduced in YouTube, one of the company's main products with an audience of over 1,3 billion people all over the world.

Foreign Investment

In 2017, the Hi-Tech Park attracted USD 191 million of foreign direct investment which exceeds by 13 percent the FDI received in 2016.

By the type of investment, 40 HTP resident-companies were established by Belarusian investors, 40 HTP resident-companies were established by foreign investors, 18 are joint companies, and 22 residents were set up by foreign investors.

Number of employees

As of January 1 2018, the total number of HTP employees is 32 598.

1.       EPAM

2.       Game Stream

3.       Itransition

4.       IBA IT Park

5.       iTechArt Group

6.       ISsoft Solutions

7.       Exadel

8.       Top Soft

9.       ScienceSoft

10.   System Technologies

5160 new jobs were created in 2017, more than 1800 graduates of Belarusian universities joined HTP resident-companies.

For reference:

Currently, 237 resident-companies are operating within the Hi-Tech Park.

24 percent are centers of development of foreign companies;

35 percent are companies with mixed business model, combining the creation of their own products with the development of software outsourcing;

5 percent of residents are focused on their own products;

35 percent provide just outsourcing services for the development of software products.

First startups were registered as HTP residents.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.