New companies in Hi-Tech Park

27 December 2021

52 companies were registered as Hi-Tech Park residents. More than 20 of them plan to develop their own products.

The newcomers represent various fields: fintech, medtech, development of mobile applications and web platforms, e-commerce, game dev, mining and other.

4 R&D centers joined HTP, the largest one being Tinkoff Software DC, development center of TCS Group Holding (Russia) with capitalization of more than $ 20 billion in 2021. Belarusian R&D center will create information systems for managing and automating business processes of the companies within the group.

As the R&D center of the Innotech group of companies (Russia), Future of the technologies LLC will focus on software for the banking and fintech sectors.

14 foreign-owned companies from Australia, Latvia, the USA, Switzerland received the HTP resident status.

New residents BNKCrypto, Fintech capital and custody are engaged in mining.

Znanie i Zdorovie and KometaRad put forward interesting solutions for the healthcare sector. Znanie i Zdorovie focuses on e-healthcare infrastructure in Belarus based on the Sylex SA software (Switzerland). The company’s product is epidemiological health e-pass for the Belarusians. KometaRad will develop and implement the Kometa PACS software for image processing, 2D/3D-visualization of patients’ screening to help in diagnosing.

Medtech industry is also represented by Be Easy. The company develops the mobile application based on Apple iOS, Google Android, Mobile Web platforms for sleep hygiene and general health of the elderly for Fitsia Holdings LTD (Cyprus).

Kontur Maps will focus on custom development of the components for the Kontur geo-analysis and visualization platform. Using this platform Kontur Maps will create disaster risk management software for Kontur Inc. (USA).

Usetech Bel, R&D center of Usetech Professional (Russia), plans to enter the market with new software products in the field of fintech, retail and blockchain.

New residents are both outsourcing and product companies with startups prevailing: more than half of the newcomers were registered in 2021.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.