All-time record! Exports of Hi-Tech Park in 2020 exceeds $ 2.7 billion

15 March 2021

Hi-Tech Park announced its financial and operating results of 2020. According to the figures, HTP is one more time proven to be one of the key drivers of the Belarusian economy.

“In 2020 the HTP export amounted to the unprecedented $2,735 billion with a 125 % increase. The total production volume reached 7 billion 400 million rubles with a growth rate of 143%. This is HTP all-time record”, noted HTP Director Vsevolod Yanchevsky.

Main markets for HTP residents are the USA and EU countries, 90% of all export comes from these countries. The top five partner-countries include the United States, Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland and Russia.

In 2020 HTP share in Belarus GDP exceeded 4%, while Hi-Tech Park employs about 1,5%  of the economically active population of Belarus.

HTP residents have increased their tax payments to the budget by more than a third. All taxes from the residents in 2020 amounted to 418 million rubles (138% growth).

Over the past year HTP resident provided more than 10 thousand new working places. By the end of 2020 almost 70 thousand specialists work in Hi-Tech Park.

The number of new HTP companies is impressively growing. In 2020 Park’s membership increased by 236 new companies, in March 2021 – by 65 more. Today Hi-Tech Park unites 1021 companies.

Foreign direct investment inflow in HTP in 2020 is also significantly increased - $ 331,7 million (126% growth). 23 R&D centers of foreign corporations entered HTP in 2020, today their total amount is 107.

HTP residents also created a number of global success stories in 2020.

The 2021 Global Outsourcing 100 list, compiled by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, includes HTP residents A1QA (Quality Technologies CJSC), Itransition (Itransition CJSC) and SolbegSoft (SolbegSoft LLC) in its rating. It also includes foreign companies with Belarusian R&D centers registered in HTP: Ciklum, IBA Group, Intetics and Artezio.

The Belarusian application Flo became the world’s most popular in the App Store in 2020 and the most downloaded in the Health & Fitness category. According to the Apptopia ranking, Flo became the 5th most popular in the United States and in the world and the 10th most profitable apps.

Another HTP resident SayGames was featured in the December ratings of the analytical platform SensorTower. The Belarusian developer and publisher of mobile games ranked 7th in the world in terms of game installations, as well as 6th in terms of downloads in the App Store.

The Financial Times FT1000 annual ranking featured mobile game developer and publisher Gismart as the fastest-growing company in game industry. With revenue growth of almost 9000% the company was ranked 6th in the list of the fastest-growing businesses in Europe.

Developed by the HTP resident Bloggers Laboratory, the application Easy Bloggers became the most popular app at Product Hunt-2020.

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