Interactive gateway, electronic queue, multiboard: Hi-Tech Park resident impresses with its products

26 December 2022

The story of this Hi-Tech Park resident is remarkable. TechnoSky started out as a repairer and retailer of mobile phones. The company began developing high-tech products 4,5 years ago and became popular in Belarus, Russia and the CIS countries. The team has more than 1,000 developments in its portfolio, and they are applicable in almost all industries.

Top products and other popular company solutions

Yuri Savchuk, founder of TechnoSky, highlights 4 top products, which include an Interactive Gateway, a multi-board, an electronic queue and self-service kiosks.

Юрий Савчук.jpg The Interactive Gateway is a modern replacement for the classic paper-based infostands. It includes an information sensor kiosk and specialised software with a huge number of modules. "One of such developments has been installed at the entrance checkpoint of Kommunarka Chocolate Factory. We had to solve the problem of informing visitors about the activities and structure of the enterprise, as well as to organise a modern way of communication between visitors and employees via telephone," says Yuri Savchuk. This task has been completed: now any visitor can contact the staff of the enterprise in a quick and convenient way. 

Multiboard is an interactive touch screen panel that has replaced the projector. In contrast, it is a completely independent device that does not require any additional modules. Integrated accessories, such as a fingerprint scanner, help to prevent unauthorised access to the multiboard. As Yuri points out, this product is in the highest demand. It is ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms. "The use of such devices significantly increases the effectiveness of the information presented to the audience, because the content is rendered visually," notes Yuri.

The electronic queue is a service consisting of an interactive panel, complete with a receipt printer, a main scoreboard, an operator panel and an administrative part to manage and monitor the system. This solution helps to automate facilities of any footfall, analyse performance with the help of reports, monitor employees' work online, and connect facilities into a common network.

11.png In addition to top products, the Techno Sky team is proud of its striking solution for the education sector - the “Lecture” Interactive Chair. 

"The learning technologies of the future are already here: there is a powerful PC inside the case to which any screen, audio system, the required number of outputs and connectors, as well as microphones can be connected," says Yuri Savchuk.

The company founder also points to the “Glass” desk, which has won the hearts of many customers. It's not every day that you see a modern, stylish touch table. "The table is made of tempered, clear glass with a special anti-smudge coating," says Yuri Savchuk and adds. – “A special feature of the touch table series is the ability to accommodate from one to four independent workstations on a single unit”.

2.png By the way, the company's staff is small, only about 30 people, but over 4,5 years, the resident has attracted more than 500 customers.  Among them are Belarusneft, Belagroprombank, A-100, FavBet, BelG, the Palace of the Republic, the Emergency Ministry, Industrial Park - Velikiy Kamen, OJSC Belaruskali, Dana Mall, Perekrestok and Sosedi shops, and others.

In the long term

Yuri Savchuk stressed that ideally the company aims to create a single platform for displaying all information on services, i.e. integrating smart queue management, Interactive Gateway, self-service kiosks and other products under one account.

High-Tech Park resident status - goal achieved

"When we started producing interactive panels the first thought that accompanied us was to take the company to the next level and become a Hi-Tech Park resident. Now we are proud to say that we are part of Eastern Europe's Silicon Valley," emphasizes Yuri.

Future plans

The company currently cooperates with Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. By 2025, TechnoSky plans to create a distribution network of its own products in Europe, the USA, Russia and Kazakhstan with a market share of at least 10%. As Yuri Savchuk explains, "we would like to sell software, industrial design, reverse engineering, renderings, drawings and design documentation, and 3D models for virtual and augmented reality to these countries".

TechnoSky Ltd. has been a resident of the Hi-Tech Park since 2021.  The company specialises in the development, modeling and production of sensor equipment, as well as the development of software and electronic components. The company's main vector is software and hardware complexes for self-service, information display, queue management.