HTP resident Synesis introduces cyber security platform TheWall

9 December 2020

Synesis released TheWall, an innovative cyber security platform for multistage protection of web applications against hacker attacks. TheWall complements the smart city ecosystem developed by the company. It is planned that the platform will be introduced in 5 countries soon.

The platform provides protection on 3 levels:

· Web Application Firewall (WAF)

· Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS)

· Network Level Filter (NetFilter) 

The multi-component protection ensures the principle of an echelonized defense, where each subsequent layer reinforces the previous one. 

“The intrusion detection system responds to attack attempts at the earliest stages, while Web Application Firewall already protects against exploitation of vulnerabilities. NetFilter allows blocking all requests from a specific IP address and stopping an attack”, said Oleg Boitsev, TheWall product manager.

Users can add their own native protection rules. This allows clients to quickly secure the application from zero-day vulnerabilities, for which there are no protection mechanisms yet. Custom native rules can be created not only for Firewall, but also for intrusion detection system, which distinguishes TheWall from other products on the market.

User-friendly interface makes it easy to set up protection and handle incoming  threats. People don’t need to take courses or look for additional information to use the program.

The company intends to enhance the platform with artificial intelligence technologies. This will allow the system to learn, significantly reduce the number of false alarms and improve detection of zero-day vulnerabilities in future.  

“We have tested the new product in-house and we are planning to implement it with existing Synesis customers in 5 countries at once. TheWall will protect city video surveillance systems, corporate messengers and IoT-device networks”, said Nikolay Ptitsyn, managing partner of Synesis.

Synesis group of companies was founded in 2007 and develops smart city platforms, access control systems, products for events management, instant messengers and online games. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, chatbots, storage and processing of big data, cybersecurity are the competencies of Synesis. 100 million people use these products every day. The group of companies includes 5 residents of Hi-Tech Park.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.