Ignite Bel

Ignite Bel LLC was established on October 21, 2019 to address the requests of the Ignite group of IT companies (Israel-Ukraine).

Ignite Bel LLC is a Belarusian division of the Ignite Group (Israel-Ukraine) and is responsible for the entire software development cycle based on SaaS technologies, big data for the medical sector, the automotive industry (products for selling cars in the secondary market), solutions for products for banking industry (ERP, products for micro-consumer lending, products to support banking payment systems). In addition, he conducts direct related services development processes (testing, support, and maintenance) for other IT companies. The main sales markets are small, medium and large companies from Israel, Ukraine, and Russia.

A significant contribution to the development of the Company is made by Aviram Eisenberg. He is a successful IT entrepreneur, founder of the Ignite group (2006). Aviram can be considered as a pioneer of IT-business in Ukraine, since he was one of the first here to use advanced approaches that involve the transformation of specific engineering tasks into machine code, professionally documented, fully functional and with appropriate knowledge transfer. Ignite plans to implement all these approaches in the work of the Belarusian division. Aviram is a graduate of the prestigious Israeli University of Technion, served in the digital military intelligence of Israel, is a mentor of the non-profit Technion for life project implemented by the Israel Institute of Technology, chairman of the Israel Software development Forum. Prior to Ignite, Aviram worked as the chief IT architect of the company Mind CT, which provides billing solutions for mobile operators. Aviram built a team in the city of Brsov, Romania, from the scratch to 250 people.

Aviram is also a certified Agile consultant and provided advice on the work of distributed teams to such world leaders of the IT market as Microsoft, Google, Pioneer, Adobe, etc. Aviram carries out general management of the Ignite group, also manages the technical department, including formulates a strategic vision for the development of the Belarusian division.

There are no separate divisions of the Company.

UNP: 193329719
City: Minsk
Legal address: 20B, Platonova str., 160
Phone: + 375 44 714 80 88
Email: ignitebel@bk.ru
Year of foundation: 2019
  • Software development

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Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.