News&Events - Pr. Jonathan Westover Held the First Seminar on Effective HR Management in HTP

Pr. Jonathan Westover Held the First Seminar on Effective HR Management in HTP

The seminar Effective Interviewing and Employee Selection was held by Pr. Jonathan Westover from the USA on June 5, 2012 in HTP Administration. That was the first training from a series of scheduled seminars in June on effective HR Management.

38 Heads of personnel departments and HR managers from HTP resident-companies have taken part in the master-class. They learned about the role of HR manager in a company, Moneyball strategic approach to meeting the companys staffing needs, practices and principles of the effective employee selection with a focus on the effective interview.

Jonathans blog is entitled  To Minsk and Beyond!

Dmitry Ledyaev, IT-specialist and participator of the seminar: 
Do you believe in our plan? Then go to the end!. It was interesting and useful to learn at Jons lecture about Moneyball approach, its origin as well as how to implement it in practice. I am going to watch Moneyball, the movie professor told about. This movie shows the baseball team Oakland Athletics and its general manager Billy Beane.

The story introduces the idea that generally accepted things are not always the best ones. And if you (or your team) do not have an opportunity and resources to play as the richest league teams do, you need to come up with something else. They have done it. In particular, they managed to implement a strategy based not on how a player shows his worth in a separate game, but on how he carries out a specific task throughout a season." 


The seminar Employee Motivation will be run on June 12, 2012. It will address best practices and principles of employee motivation with a focus on how to leverage employee capacity to optimize workplace potential and overall firm success.  

During the trainingCreating a Productive Work Environment on June 19, 2012 participants will analyse practices and principles of productive work environments with a focus on creating a high performance work culture. 

HTP Session 1-Effective Interviewing to the Moneyball Approach to Selection
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