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What is HTP?

During the last years the ICT sector in Belarus receives strong government support and is one of the top-priority economic sectors to develop. Thus, by the special Law issued in 2005, Belarus Hi-Tech Park was established with the main goal to support software industry. HTP Belarus provides special business environment for IT business with incentives unprecedented for European countries. 

Since 2015, Hi-Tech Park resident-companies are allowed to get involved in new science-intensive activities. Now, any company engaged in IT and related industries (micro-, opto- and nanoelectronics, mechatronics, telecommunications, radar ranging, radio navigation and wireless communication), information protection and establishment of data processing centers can apply for residency within the HTP and benefit from tax-incentives and other advantages it provides. HTP resident-companies can work and provide services in the field of information system analysis, designing and software development (IT consulting, audit, national information networks maintenance, database development and corporate information systems implementation and support).

First residents were registered in 2006. Currently, 173 companies are registered as HTP residents. More than a half of them are foreign companies and joint ventures. By the origin of investments attracted to the sphere of new and high technologies:

41% of HTP residents were set up by Belarusian investors,
24% of HTP residents are joint ventures
35% of HTP residents are enterprises with 100% foreign investments.

The export share in the total production volume exceeds 91.5%. The resident companies are successful on North American and European hi-tech markets. Today they have customers in 67 countries around the globe. Today world leading corporations, such as Peugeot, Mitsubishi, British Petroleum, Gazprom, Reuters, British Telecom, London Stock Exchange, World Bank, Coca-Cola, etc. are among major consumers of Belarusian software developed in Belarus Hi-Tech Park.

EPAM Systems and the HTP Belarus from HTP Belarus on Vimeo.

The first building was put into operation in June 2009. The building hosts the Administration of Belarus Hi-Tech Park, offices of HTP resident-companies, IT-Academy and business-incubator.
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