IT Industry / Education: Development Strategy

On November 26, a roundtable meeting was held in the Hi-Tech Park, addressing issues of IT education quality improvement and further development of cooperation between the IT industry and IT departments of Belarusian universities as well as the most pressing problems of training for IT specialists and possible solutions. 

The meeting was attended by the deans of all IT departments that provide training for IT professionals working in the Hi-Tech Park, and representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the HTP Administration and its largest resident-companies.

The following topics were also discussed during the roundtable meeting:

Х appropriateness of changing the entrance exams list for certain IT educational courses;
Х perspective joint universities-HTP activities to develop professional and qualification standards for software developers and testers;
Х challenges of creating and operating university department branches on the premises of the HTP resident-companies;
Х forms and ways of cooperation in developing educational programs, etc.

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