The number of HTP residents is almost half a thousand

Following the HTP Supervisory Board meeting on December 19, 70 new company entered the HTP this time. Thus, 454 residents are working in the HTP now.

The examples of the projects applied for the HTP residency include software development using artificial intelligence technologies in various fields (medicine, commerce, finance, etc.) (“Digiteum”), software development for healthcare (digital office for healthcare workers) (”Dr. Focused"), the creation of electric transmissions for road transport (“Keydzhi Impeks”), the development of medical laser systems, laser and spectral technologies for scientific and industrial applications (" Solar LC"), and technology development software for creating voice applications ("Storyline Labs").

Due to the insufficient level of documents preparation, 7 applicants were denied registration as HTP residents.

As Deputy Director of the HTP Administration Ivan Zhiznevsky noted:

“The High-Tech Park is pleased to see the growth of applicants with a wide range of new business models. In addition, resident companies that have been working for a long time are expanding their capabilities to monetize on the technologies being developed. All this became possible thanks to Decree No. 8 adopted by the Head of State. At the same time, we note that even with such a significant increase in applications, the high-quality preparation of documents, including the elaboration of an effective development model under the special legal regime of HTP is very important. This should be considered by all companies planning to join the Park. ”

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