Boosting soft skills: training from the HTP in BSUIR

Paying more attention to the development of soft skills was the main message addressed by the largest HTP resident companies during the recent round table “What and how to teach IT specialists”. IT companies stated: experts who have developed soft skills can more effectively communicate with customers, analyze customer needs and lead project teams. And the basis of these competencies is formed in the university years when students are taught to clearly and distinctly express their thoughts and ideas, interact with colleagues, and intelligibly demostrate the results of their activities.

In order to help university professors to effectively teach students the skills of presenting projects and the results of their work, a two-day training “Be professional at effective presentations” by Konstantin Vladimirov-Zhuravsky was held on November 5-6 at BSUIR with the support of the HTP resident LLC Promwad Soft.

The training was held in the form of an interactive game, during which university teachers familiarized themselves with new methods of delivering presentations.

During the competitive events, the participants of the training divided into teams and learned how to structure information correctly, effectively build their performances, and improve the skills of presenting projects and promoting their ideas.

On the first day of the training 6 teams were to prepare for a simulated business event in the course of the game, make different types of presentations, deliver them in front of an audience, communicate with business angels and investors. All 6 teams managed to fulfill the basic conditions and three even managed to “attract investors”.

On the second day the goal of the teams in preparing presentations was to get seed capital for their start-ups. Two of the four projects received a “place in the incubator”, and two were taken over by more successful projects. As a result of the role-playing game after the final presentation, the teams that reached the final round were divided "$ 1.5 million from two foreign investors".

Professor Bobrova, Head of the Department of Microprocessor Systems and Networks, Doctor of Sciences, Associate Professor, Training Participant: “The training helped us to form the skills of structuring presentations. It was fascinating to participate: the trainers were experts in their field, the projects were discussed in a very interesting way and we received an opportunity to look at ourselves from a different prospective”.

Professor Nikolaeva, Head of the Department of Humanities, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, participant of the training: “The information we obtained can be used to introduce into the educational process the necessary competencies in the field of self-presentation, effective presentation of the material, proper structuring of data on company products in order to obtain attractive investment. Participation in the training provides us with communication skills in to be used in a corporate environment and with potential investors. An example of such a business game can also be applied in the educational process. ”

Konstantin Vladimirov-Zhuravsk, co-founder of the start-up movement of Belarus, business coach of the Igrika project said: “Thanks to the activities of the HTP, the most active teachers were gathered at the training. I was personally surprised at how involved they were in the preparation of presentations, and all two days long were passionate about the process. I think during the training they received new ideas and knowledge that will help them develop their students”.

The training was held in the framework of the ongoing training activities of the High-Tech Park aimed at improving the professional skills of teachers in specialized IT-departments and departments of Belarusian universities.

We invite teachers to participate in the following seminars and trainings:

November 14 - seminar "Automation of marketing processes"

November 29 - Seminar "Modeling Business Processes with BPMN"

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