Mr. Matyushevsky: we are witnessing the familiar industrial economy becoming a thing of the past

"A list of fundamental changes that the digitalization of the economy and life brings with it can be continued for a very long time. One thing is important: the familiar industrial economy is disappearing right here and now, "said the First Deputy Prime Minister VasilyMatyushevsky in the House of Representatives today presenting deputies with the Decree ?8.

 He drew special attention to the fact that this document is one of the first steps of Belarus to build a digital economy. An important role is also played by the conditions created by the state, their attractiveness for private capital and competitiveness in comparison with the jurisdictions of other countries.

 "We must consider the digital Decree inseparably linked with a further step of a larger scale, which was clearly outlined in the President's Address, - to turn Belarus into one of the most attractive places in the world for rich, talented and successful people. And if the digital Decree has been fairly called a revolutionary one, the future decision to turn Belarus into a favorable place for capital, into a civilized, convenient and financially free harbor should become a historical one, "the First Deputy Prime Minister said.

 Vasily Matyushevsky noted the record high growth of the High-Tech Park this year. Thus, the growth in the sales and productionvolume of HTP for the first quarter of 2018 has risen by more than 30%as compared to the same period last year and the volume of sales of high-tech products and services of the Park in the domestic market has doubled.

 "But the most surprising is, of course, the unprecedented rapid growth in the number of residents of the High-Tech Park. There have been more than 100 new companiesin just five months. This is an absolute historical record, the First Deputy Prime Minister said.Young teams and startups which remained unknown until now put their faith into the Decree". New residents of the Park are companies working in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, large data analysis. "This is the most advanced edge of modern IT," Vasily Matyushevsky added.

 "It is also necessary to mark here the energetic approach of Vsevolod Yanchevsky, the director of the High-Tech Park, who dramatically revived the Park's activities, created a simple and transparent system for new companiesí admission, attracted lots of new investors from abroad," the First Deputy Prime Minister stated.

 According to him, if the current pace continues, this year more companies will join the High Technologies Park than in the previous 12 years.

 Vasily Matyushevsky noted that a HTP software engineer in absolute terms pays personal taxes several times more than an average Belarusian citizen. "Belarusian programmers earn their high salaries and make it with their intellect mainly in the West in conditions of tough competition," he stressed.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Head of State who not only supported and signed the revolutionary digital Decree, but actually initiated it himself.As the head of the working group in charge of drafting the Decree, I would also like to thank our IT community, experts, lawyers, government leaders, the Administration of the President, the State Control Committee, the Power structures, the deputies of the Parliament, employees of Ministries and departments for a friendly and fruitful work on this very complicated document, "the First Deputy Prime Minister said.

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