Career Development Day 2017

On July 22 2017, the HTP business incubator hosted the Career Development Day 2017, a career development conference for IT specialists. 

Although the event was mainly designed for those who have working experience in the IT industry and HR professionals, it was attended by many people from other industries interested in developing their careers in the sphere of information and communications technology. 

The Career Development Day 2017 featured a wide range of lectures and presentations. Oksana Lagutko, Head of Sales at RABOTA.TUT.BY, revealed the structure of the IT labor market in Belarus and the most demanded professionals. She also portrayed a Belarusian IT specialist on the basis of 1,834 people.

Amina Idigova, Digital HR Counselor, presented the results of her own research on the corporate culture transformation and dramatic changes in employers' requirements to the skills of a today's professional. According to Amina, with everything getting automated and artificial intelligence expanding, creativity, adaptive thinking, interpersonal competence, and other soft skills will be the most sought-after.

Nikita Dunets, ‎Director of Business Development at the HTP resident company R-Style Lab, debunked some stereotypes about sales positions in Belarusian IT companies and disclosed what opportunities technicians have to continue their careers in sales.

Victor Petrov, Project Manager at the HTP resident SoftTeco, focused on effective communication of a project team, both within the team and with customers.

Alena Volchek, PM at BelHard, tried to answer a topical question  whether it is worth for software developers to shift to project management.

Nikolai Dzneladze, Resource Manager at the HTP company Softeq Development, explained what skills one need to become a senior specialist. Softeq Development's Business Analyst Nikolai Gavrilov shared his experience of working at "hardware" projects. The company organized an exhibit to introduce its innovative solutions and enable the audience to talk to HR professionals and get expert advice. They also announced the first in Belarus IoT internship.

Deputy Head of the HTP business incubator Mikhail Khazan addressed the issues of starting a business in IT and outlined the activities, events and projects within the HTP business incubator intended to support young entrepreneurs.

For reference:
The Career Development Day 2017 was organized by the Hi-Tech Park, IT portal KV.by, and Recoursia.

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