HTP business incubator held the first “Science hackathon”

On June 2-3, HTP business incubator held the first “Science hackathon” (SciHackathon) which united both science and  information technologies. Scientists and IT-specialists gathered together to solve some scientific problems to make our life better. 


SciHackathon is a logic conclusion of the “Science Ring”, a series of events that were held in HTP business-incubator last and this year. You can read about some of the events here:  1st round2d round and the final.


During three months prior to SciHackathon participants attended meet-ups where they discussed the tasks, shared the results of their researches, organized in teams and received specially designed training from scientific consultants and business mentors. During such meet-ups the participants were assisted with service design, TRIZ, market research, life hacks about typical startup mistakes as well as pitching.


Eleven teams presented their projects and product prototypes to a jury, which consisted of famous scientists, CEOs and specialists of IT companies, business coaches and founders of famous Belarusian start-ups.


Among the finalist were: website.


Plasmona – a convenient mobile spectrometer that makes a quick and accurate drug test.

Mimica – an application for facial paralysis rehabilitation.

PsychoPharmaGen - a service that helps to choose the right treatment for mental illnesses based on patient's genetic data.

Throw it Now! – a medical technology, which can assess the risk of lung cancer for smokers.

Ekvidus– an equilibrium simulator that explains how to do exercises correctly using cell phone.

A substance quality analyzer – a sensor that determines a degree of readiness for liquid medium processes.

HyperEye – a project of mobile hyperspectral or multispectral filming.

Neurotracker – a mobile device-encephalograph for recording the electrical activity of a brain.

Hanami – a project that sets to improve root crops selection process and determine consumer and useful properties of plants.

AutoGene – an apparatus for automatic synthesis of artificial genes.

Docsters – a program that helps to diversify users by types of metabolism and personalize the use of medications.


People's choice award was given to «Throw it now!».

«PsychoPharmaGen» took the third place.

«Mimica» took the second place.

«Plasmona» was named the winner of SciHackathon.


The finalists received valuable gifts from the partners of the "Scientific Hakaton".


For reference:

«Scientific Hackathon» was organazied by High Tech Park, EPAM Systems, EPAM Garage laboratory, the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
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