IT Entrance 2017

On April 22, HTP business incubator held a conference «IT Entrance 2017» for people who want to start working in IT-industry attended by more than 550 participants among whom were leaders and specialists of IT companies, representatives of training centers and IT academies and other IT specialists.


CEO of group of Belhard companies Igor Mamonenko told about a concept of "IT country" that the President of the Republic of Belarus recently talked about. This concept is aimed to give a new momentum to the development of Belarusian IT-indusry. The speaker pointed out that the essence of the concept is to prioritize the development of the sphere of information technologies and reorient toward it other spheres of public life. By 2035 about 20% of Belarus population will be working in IT-industry and it would mean that about 1 million of people will be able to earn up until $100 billion in a year suggested Mr. Mamonenko.

High-Tech Park was represented by Vadim Zelenkov (General Manager of "IT Academy") who welcomed the participants. He talked about world trends of IT-market and which IT jobs will be popular in the near future.

Pavel Spetsian (CEO of the Computer Academy "Step"), Nikita Dunets (business developer at "R-Style Lab"), Yuri Sorokin (head of "Sorokina and Kulinkovich Studio"), Vitaliy Borodin (coach at "Belhard IT Academy"), Pavel Veinik (founder of the "ITStart" programming school), Dmitry Ivanov (co-founder of the "Polygon" training center), and Yana Tkacheva (UX designer at "UXpresso") among others talked about the first step of an IT-specialist’s path on a way to success.

Margarita Novosetseva (founder of accounting companies "Raikiri" and "Do Your Business"), Timofei Savitsky (lawyer of the international law firm "COBALT"), Elena Volodko (director of the language school "LinguaLand"), Oksana Terlyaeva (executive director of the language school "World Without Borders") talked about special knowledge that every successful IT specialist should posses.

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IT Entrance – is the largest conference in Belarus for those people whos wants to start their career in IT-industry but doesn’t know where to begin. The conference was organized by Hi-Tech Park Belarus, KV.by and Recoursia.by.

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