Finalists of Programming in Scratch Contest Determined

The judges selected finalists of the Programming in Scratch contest.


Young Scratcher category

  • The Finding, Fairy Tale

Ivan Mushkevich, Grade 3, Grodno Secondary School No.38 

  • Sorter 

Ivan Shatilov, Grade 2, Gomel Secondary School No.61 

  • Adventures of Jestro

Vladislav Masliaev, Grade 2, Minsk Secondary School No.19

  • Along the Streets of Semaphoria

Artem Yatsuk, Grade 2, Baran Gymnasium

  • About Animals At the Zoo Who Did Not Sleep the Whole Night (in English) 

Maria Demchikhina, Grade 2, Minsk Secondary School No.202

  • Bees

Artem Yuditsky, Grade 2, Orsha Secondary School No.21

  • Lullaby for Brother

Oleg Romanchik, Grade 2, Minsk Educational Complex No.31 

  • In the Jungle

Varvara Semashko, Grade 2, Orsha Secondary School No.12

World of Animation category

  • The House that Jack Built

Igor Shmygalev, Grade 4, Gomel Gymnasium No.56

  • Winter from Pushkin's Eugene Onegin

Yan Frantskevich, Grade 5, Minsk Gymnasium No.35

  • Confusion

Konstantin Ashvilov, Grade 3, Lida Secondary School No.4 

  • Teapot

Sofia Krivosheeva, Grade 4, Novopolotsk Gymnasium No.1

  • The Soft Sign Is Looking for Friends

Polina Bogush, Grade 4, Novopolotsk Gymnasium No.1 

  • How Sonia Went Fishing

Darya Atrakhimovich, Grade 4, Novopolotsk Gymnasium No.1 

  • Crush

Nikita Krivtsov, Grade 3, Orsha Gymnasium No.2

  • Kali Laska! (literally meaning 'you are welcome') 

Igor Diatlov, Grade 5, Mogilev Secondary School No.45


Computer Game category

  • Medieval Battleship!

Oleg Azemsha, Grade 8, Minsk Secondary School No.19


Alexander Borisov, Grade 6, Minsk Secondary School No.154

  • Platformer

Alexei Genrikh, Grade 7

  • Eco Game

Xenia Gushchina, Grade 5, Minsk Gymnasium No.2

  • Logic Ninja2-Continue

Elizaveta Sachenko, Grade 7, Mogilev Secondary School No.32

  • Resque Team

Timofey, Grade 6, Kirovskaya Secondary School of Vitebsk Region

  • Racing for Brain Training

Pavel Stelmachenok, Grade 7, Dokshitsy Secondary School No.2

  • Treasure Hunt "Sherlock: The Mysterious House"

Artem Shepelev, Grade 7, Polotsk State Gymnasium No.2


Educational Project in Scratch category

  • Numeral Systems

Egor Anisevich, Grade 6, Brest Gymnasium No.1

  • Electromagnetic Phenomena

Valeria Golovneva, Grade 8

  • Fascinating Mechanics

Nikolai Molochko, Grade 7, Minsk Gymnasium No.10

  • Mouse Simulator

Alexei Nikitin, Grade 7, Miory Secondary School No.3

  • Coordinates In the Plane 

Tatiana Sadovskaya, Grade 7, Grodno Secondary School No.37

  • JOB

Diana Tolkacheva, Grade 8, Gomel Educational Complex No.73

  • Mental Calculation Training

Nikita Khilko, Grade 6, Dokshitsy Secondary School No.2

  • Animated Arithmetic

Viktor Yakubenok, Grade 9, Glubokoe District Gymnasium

The Hi-Tech Park congratulates the finalists! 

The finals, including open presentation of projects, will be held in Orsha on April 8. The winners will be awarded diplomas and prizes.

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