Seminars for Teachers and Students in HTP

A series of free seminars for university teachers and students was conducted by experts of the HTP resident-company Oxagile in February-March 2017.

Anna Maltseva, Project Manager at Oxagile, shared her personal experience in building effective teams.

Dmitry Shastitko, Senior lecturer at The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, attends seminars conducted in the HTP business incubator regularly: "It was a very useful seminar. The speaker gave a detailed description of the team work through the project life cycle and the tools to be used at each stage, such as a competency matrix, business process analysis, etc. It is also a great possibility for students to communicate with a real manager and expert from the IT company and ask their questions."

From idea to contract: sales stages for IT outsourcing services was a final seminar by Anna Maltseva. The participants thanked Anna for up-to-date information and the opportunity to discuss additional questions after the seminar.

Oxagile business analysts Pavel Sivaev and Oleg Gubin conducted a workshop focused on Video in Web: Technologies and Particularities of Domain Project Development. They spoke about the history of the industry, described a number of projects, the company's expertise, and many other things.

We thank the HTP resident Oxagile, its experts and all the participants.

New seminars will be held in April (follow the news).

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