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Goldfire Innovator Product

Developer:  IHS Global  |  all projects

Powered by patented semantic search technology, Goldfire Innovator provides direct access to concepts from inside and outside of the company, including corporate data sources, deep web sites, worldwide patent data, and Invention Machine’s proprietary technical content. Goldfire Innovator puts the right information in the right hands at the right time, fueling repeatable innovation. Goldfire Innovator product is comprised of: Innovator's Workbench. The Innovator Workbench provides problem-solving workflows based on proven methodologies. It enables the definition of opportunities and problems, and drives breakthrough solution strategies. Includes several tools and methodologies that support problem understanding, definition and analysis including.

  • Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving (TRIZ). For creative problem solving, TRIZ provides a systematic approach to understanding a problem, resolving contradictions, thinking 'out of the box' and generating creative ideas. Goldfire Innovator incorporates major TRIZ tools (including Principles of Invention, Contradiction Matrix, Trends of Evolution of Technical Systems database, and the Knowledge base of scientific phenomena and automates their application).
  • Value Engineering – Value Engineering or Analysis is a set of disciplined thinking techniques focused on improved problem solving, creativity, and decision making that allow you to increase the value of your products or services by increasing quality and/or decreasing costs. Goldfire Innovator incorporates Value Engineering to help engineers gain a deeper understanding of a system and its functions
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – Most organizations try to fix problems quickly without ever finding what caused them in the first place, making the problems reappear. RCA is a structured process of finding and eliminating the cause – the underlying problem, which prevents the initial symptomatic problem from returning. Goldfire Innovator's RCA guides the formation of RCA diagrams and the identification of the root cause. The software then extracts the root problem to automatically search for solutions.
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) – FMEA is a best-practice methodology for analyzing potential reliability problems early in the product or process development cycle when they are easier to correct. Integrated with Goldfire Innovator's Root Cause Analysis, Goldfire Innovator's FMEA helps quality and reliability engineers 'anticipate the unexpected'.

Resources expended: 635 staff-months

Customer(-s): Invention Machine Corporation (Boston, MA)


1) Goldfire is a Knowledge Management tool for advanced enterprise-search… It returns much more complete and targeted results than does keyword search… It searches collections beyond the reach of, e.g., the Google search appliance for the Boeing web-documents down in databases, in SharePoint, in email collections… It also does more as a research tool. It facilitates refining queries as information is gathered. It indexes many authoritative sources of information not available by general web search tools like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc. Dr. David R Throop Advanced Software Specialist The Boeing Company
2) "Where a typical search engine pulls down haystacks, Invention Machine's semantic technology gives us those needles in the haystacks." Kevin Conner Process Engineer Colgate-Palmolive
3) "I now think that the Goldfire system is an excellent tool for review of patent portfolios, for doing IPR risk assessments, and for supporting patent assertion cases." Arne Duwaer Philips Consumer Electronics CTO Office
4) "When going into a new field, Goldfire Innovator is a great way of pulling knowledge together. This will simplify our IP Managers life no end. I am sold on this bit." Geoff Downton, Drilling Product Development Manager (Global) Schlumberger Oilfield Services
5) Accelerate Invention-to-Innovation — Forrester Research In-house scientists and engineers will stop reinventing the wheel and boost their productivity by using tools like Invention Machine to discover original design insights and tips and shortcuts. Innovation Networks
6) Reduce Idea-to-Concept Time — AMR Research For instance, some Invention Machine customers have reduced idea-to-concept time to two hours from two months… Invention Machine is the leader in compressing the analysis time right now… Innovation Management Technology
7) Stop Re-Inventing the Wheel - MetaGroup Invention Machine, specializing in automating & optimizing product ideation & innovation, is seeking to make the ROI from R&D more predictable. Stop Re-Inventing the Wheel

Target area

Programming languages: C#, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, C++, VC++, ColdFusion


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