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Intellectual system of online advertising management and optimization

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In modern world online advertising must be as effective as possible. Its effectiveness is determined by the ratio of user's clicks or actions to the number of ad-displays. The client's task was to develop a system of online advertising management and optimization based on APEX technological platform from Yahoo!. To fulfill this task AdRevolver system was created and integrated in accordance to our client's requirements. AdRevolver uses actual and statistical data to choose the most suitable ad-block to be displayed. It takes into consideration personal preferences of each user, his/her location, time of day and context of display.

To gather information about users the so-called "invisible pixel" is placed on web-pages. It collects and transfers information about the web-page visited by the user to the server and gives him/her a unique identifying code (in case it hasn't been created yet). When a person visits a web-page and there is a necessity to show an ad the system identifies him/her by the unique code and detects his/her preferences. Then it chooses an ad-block that may be of the greatest interest to the user. The system takes into account contextual and technological factors as well. That's the way online-ad optimization process takes place. As a result AdRevolver system helps to optimize advertisers' costs, revenues from advertising space and to minimize the amount of undesired advertising for the user. As a result the system has a unique combination of features:

  • scalability;
  • high processing speed;
  • high reliability;
  • high effectiveness.

Customer(-s): Yahoo! Inc, one of the world's largest Internet-companies.

Target area

Programming languages: Java, SQL

Technologies: Oracle, Spring, APEX, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, JDBC, Aspect, Tomcat Application Server

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