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Operation “Bagration”, a real-time strategy computer game

Developer:  Game Stream  |  all projects

Consumers have high expectations to the quality of modern computer games, especially to that of graphics which must be rendered in full 3D. Moreover, modern users are “spoiled” by the so-called gameplay, which is about the peculiarities of the gaming process. The task was to create a game product for PC that would match the quality level of the world’s leading AAA-class projects like Company of Heroes, World in Conflict and the latest games from Total War series. The created product is in the category of real-time strategy computer games and unlike competing projects offers an opportunity to control a large army, up to several thousand units. The only game that gives the same experience is Total War series by Sega. But our project differs from the competing ones by its unique “cinematographic” feature. To develop the project we created our own system of realistic representation of 3D graphics depicting highly detailed landscapes up to 16 sq. km. in total size. To achieve the required characteristics the system uses unique cutting edge algorithms. We also managed to create a powerful (for this type of projects) two-level artificial intelligence system that performs both functions of assistant and opponent. The lower level of AI is responsible for the way units execute an order given to the whole group. It carries out its own orders as well as orders made by the user. The upper level solves tactical objectives related to the cooperation of combat groups when they carry out assigned tasks. It is also responsible for resource-management and generation of tactical plans. To achieve this aim the system uses algorithms from graph theory, discrete mathematics and heuristics set. The product created by our team outperforms the projects developed in the post-Soviet countries according to press reviews and awards scored at different exhibitions. This product is in the first place has been created for Russian-speaking audience. But we are developing a game on its base for western audience which brings even higher requirements.

Resources expended: 500 man-months

Customer(-s): Wargaming.net, a world famous computer game developer of Massive Assault series that specializes in strategic games.

Target area

Programming languages: C++, LUA

Technologies: XML, DirectX 9, GPU Shaders 3.0, SpeedTree, Bink, FMOD, Ogg Vorbis, Nvidia PhysX, GameSpy

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