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Pharmacy Healthcare Application

Developer:  XB Software  |  all projects

A pharmacy web app for people who care about their relatives, for medicinal staff who looks after their patients, and especially for people who should track the pills receiving. The mobile app gives a family member or a professional caregiver an ability to see when the medication has been received, and get notifications if the person under care forgets to take a pill.


The pharmacy messaging application was built using the standard framework of Webix JavaScript UI library. 

Key Features:

  1. Real-time tracking of taking medications by user;
  2. Android, iOS and Windows OS support;
  3. Visualization and management of information about pharmacy’s clients;
  4. Management of time frames;
  5. Creation of informative reports;
  6. Data storage and retrieval about all persons under care (ID, name, surname, address, contacts, caregiver’s name, surname, address, etc.);
  7. Device status (active, inactive, disconnected, error).


XB Software developers created an interactive and user-friendly pharmacy secure messaging app that provides a family member or a professional caregiver with an ability to track when the medication has been taken and receive notifications if they are missed.

Resources expended: 1,250 man/h


A provider of healthcare web solutions from Canada

Target area

Programming languages: C#, JavaScript, .NET

Technologies: MS SQL Server

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