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Geolocation Based Traveler Guide Application

Developer:  XB Software  |  all projects

A geolocation mobile service that provides tourists with solid and total information about tourist and historical attractions or all the nearby sights, organized by category, located in a certain geographical area. The app helps users to plan their whole trip and find the best routes around Spain at the moment, and, eventually, all around the world.


Webix was used as framework for the admin panel that allows developers to reduce time for development and data correction.

Key Features:

  1. Support of Android, iOS and Windows OS;
  2. Offline operation, except for the trip routing function;
  3. Ability for usersí communication (forum);
  4. Online routing function.


Finally, XB Software developers skilled in mobile web development, created a user-friendly and simple-in-use geolocation mobile app for every tourist who wants to discover Spain now and the whole world in perspective. The geolocation application makes the traveling process simple, breathtaking and exciting.

Resources expended: 1,400 man/h


A travel company with the head office in Barcelona, Spain, that provides travel solutions for their clients

Target area

Programming languages: PHP

Technologies: MySQL

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