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Economic and Investment Research Service

Developer:  XB Software  |  all projects

A web application for dynamic search and visualization of a great number of macro- and microeconomic information. It provides access to 4 million of valuable data series stored in one platform. The end-users of the tool are economists, analysts and market researchers.


The application is built with the use of the modern version of JavaScript (EcmaScript 6) to improve the code quality.

Key Features:

  1. Access to vast databases with deepest available macro and micro economic and sector data from hard to reach sources;
  2. Download to Excel and other formats of documents;
  3. Intermediate data caching;
  4. Powerful search capabilities;
  5. Rendering of huge amount of data (Webix JavaScript UI widgets was used);
  6. Data visualization of the insights and creating up to 15 views;
  7. Collaborative work of multiple users;
  8. Storage and processing of vast volumes of data and run Math functions.


The result of XB Software teamís work became a useful economic and investment research cloud-based platform, created in accordance with the customerís requirements. It is user-friendly, operates smoothly both on the desktop and on tablet devices. The app provides rapid access to vast databases with deepest available macro- and micro economic and sector data from hard to reach sources. The service allows dynamic search and data visualization for more than 4 million data series. Moreover, app users can visualize their insights and create up to 15 views, choosing preferred style.

Resources expended: 50,000+ man/h


A Hong Kong company founded by a team of expert economists and analysts

Target area

Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, Python

Technologies: MongoDB

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