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Magic Seasons

Developer:  Stark Games  |  all projects

Magic Seasons is a series of multiplayer strategy games involving mainly economic challenges. The games are designed mostly for casual players and are distributed via a free-to-play model in the following social networks: Facebook, VK.com, OK.ru and My World@Mail.Ru. Each player is provided with the possibility to create the in-game environment by decorating Christmas Tree and the rest of the location, as well as upgrading the objects the location contains. The activities are rewarded with experience points that enable further progression. The game is consistently updated by adding new season-related locations. Each location accommodates a range of all-new objects and encapsulate new game mechanics.

Magic Seasons is a distinctive series thanks to appealing graphics of each title as well as absolutely comprehensible game mechanics. Each player, regardless of his gaming experience, is easily introduced to the rules of the game. Magic Seasons plays a pivotal role in socialization process. The games offer multiple ways of communication for thousands of simultaneous users; they foster collaborative activity including cooperative decoration of the glade, participation in team contests, resource exchange and mutual help. The players are encouraged to participate in various championships throughout the gaming process. Each user can showcase his glade by sharing a screenshot with his friends across social network. This activity triggers a feedback from friends and drives a positive viral effect. Hence, Magic Seasons embodies and promotes social and cultural traditions of the modern society by simulating the real world.

At the same time, each part of the Magic Seasons series is a very complex hardware and software entity which is able to sustain loads and enable rewarding gaming experience for dozens of millions active players.

Target area

Programming languages: C#, PHP, ActionScript, Java; JavaScript; HTML; SQL, Ruby, XML/HTML/XSLT

Technologies: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

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