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Knights and Brides

Developer:  VIZOR GAMES LLC  |  all projects

Knights and Brides is an entertaining application for social networks. Genre: arcade, simulator, role playing, social.

In the basis of the game there lies game mechanics called farm, but Knights and Brides is more than just crop harvesting! 

The contents of the Game, as well as the plot, depend on the choice of a game character: the Princess takes care of a fairy estate, while the Knight glorifies his Ladylove in the tournaments. The highlight is the high level of social cooperation within the game: the game mechanics not only allows checking the results of other users (friends), but also provides for additional functions for players. For example, if a Knight and a Princess make a couple, they can play in both regimes: the Princess can take part in tournaments and the Knight can keep the house. Moreover, they even can improve game progress for each other: the Knight protects the estate and destroys mysterious black stones, which hinder the household, while the Princess cooks dishes for the Knight to make him stronger on the battlefield.

At present VIZOR GAMES LLC produces new versions of the game twice a month, providing players with new game events, locations and tasks. The game is among the most popular apps in social networks, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Moy Mir.

Knights and Brides functions as a freemium game: while the game is provided free of charge, it is possible to get more in-game valuables for a fee.


Target area

Programming languages: Java, C#, ActionScript, JavaScript, Python, C/C++, XML/HTML/XSLT

Technologies: Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

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