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CMR Database for Single Order Fulfillment

Developer:  IBA IT Park  |  all projects


Thousands of inactive customer records existed in CMR (Customer Master Records) applications that have been functioning for 40 years at European branches of our customer. An automatic approach was required to ensure that inactive customers are no longer available to up- and downstream applications and are re-activated exclusively in case of specific needs (e.g. invoice re-print). 

With the existing technical setup, users of the applications could send a contract or an invoice to an inactive customer, potentially creating conflict business situations. In addition, the manual maintenance of CMR databases ‘polluted’ with a huge amount of inactive customer numbers cost too much effort and could cause errors due to the human factor. 

The project involved risks related to the applications’ longevity (more than 40 years), implying a great number of various modifications and a huge amount of programs (2,000+). It also entailed interference in the fundamental business processes of our customer and dealt with sensitive data.


IBA Group changed the core logic of CMR data processing, including the creation of new databases to store CMR data for archiving and restoration; developed a tool for automatic mass data restoration with an 11-year retention period; and created a procedure to align customer information in different CMR databases.  


The project resulted in the following benefits for the customer: 
 Optimized E2E operations through provision of only active customer data 
 Reduced risk of inactive customer records misuse in partner applications
 Reduced technical and manual effort to store unused customer data, and work effort to maintain them
 Improved overall customer data quality.


The complex manual CMR cleanup activity consisting of seven different, separated in time (several months) business processes was replaced with one automatic user triggered operation.  The process automation allowed for the elimination of numerous human errors and guaranteed 100% data recovery.

The project was selected the winner in the category Database Solution at the IT Europa’s European Software Excellence Awards. 

Customer(-s): Global IT leader


Target area

Programming languages: Assembler, REXX, JCL, PL/I


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