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Automated Budgeting System for BelVEB Bank

Developer:  IBA IT Park  |  all projects

Create an automated budgeting system to improve reporting and budgeting at BelVEB. Increase efficiency of the bank`s accounting and budgeting departments through detailed planning of banking activities and automatic control of plan execution. Reduce time, expenditures, minimize manual labor, and avoid duplication of operations.


IBA Group built the BelVEB budgeting system using IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos BI. The system automates the entire planning cycle and covers all budgeting operations, from input of the operating budget to plan approval and generation of consolidated reporting in line with the requirements of management accounting and the parent bank.

The system provides the following features:

• Portfolio and contract approaches to planning 

• Liquidity planning 

• Use of funds transfer pricing 

• Automatic tax calculation 

• Consolidation of budgets 

• Cost allocation 

• Calculation of performance indicators. 

Using Cognos BI, IBA implemented the basic output forms, including: 

• Budgeted balance sheet 

• Revenue and expenditure budget 

• Gap report 

• Cost estimate for administrative support and other activities. 

In addition, the IBA-developed system allows for plan/actual analysis and situation modeling, as well as supports budget auditing. IBA Group unified and formalized master data for centers of financial responsibility, banking products, items of balance sheet, and incomes and expenses.


The Automated Budgeting System transformed budgeting processes at BelVEB Bank, making these transparent and manageable. As a result, our customer is able to carry out continuous control of budget execution, improving business efficiency in the time of change and intense competition in the financial market.

Customer(-s): BelVEB Bank, Belarus

Target area

Programming languages: -

Technologies: IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos BI, IBM DB2

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