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Travel Suppliers integration with the Booking System

Developer:  GP Solutions  |  all projects

The GP Hub provides tour operators with online access to multiple travel service suppliers using unified travel XML API.

By the nature of his business, a tour operator interacts with various suppliers of travel products and services, each of them having their own unique XML interface. Due to this, each suppliers integration is a separate project requiring considerable financial and time resources.

Our company offers such integrations via single unified XML-connector for simultaneous interaction with multiple travel wholesalers.

Advantages of wholesalers integration via GP Hub:
  • A tour operator only needs to integrate 1 module to GP Hub instead of getting multiple connection modules to 5-10-20 or more suppliers (depending on his business needs);
  • The customer can increase the number of suppliers at any moment. If desired suppliers format is already supported by GP Hub (about 30 integration modules and our company is constantly adding new wholesalers), no additional development is required. The customer only needs to negotiate the business terms of the cooperation, and then the new supplier is connected within a few minutes.
  • GP Hub XML-interface is based on the Open Travel Alliance standard, www.opentravel.org, a time-proved format known for its reliability and security.
  • We offer guaranteed support for correct and secure functioning of the integration modules. The specialists of our company also handle all the issues due to suppliers format changes or updating his static data. 

Resources expended: 1600 man-hours

Customer(-s): Air Canada Vacations (Canada), Etihad Airways (UAE),  Atlantis Tour (Austria) and many other major travel companies worldwide



Target area

Programming languages: Java, XML/HTML/XSLT

Technologies: Java EE

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