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Galaktika EAM

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The ??? (Enterprise Asset Management) system is intended for management of production assets of the enterprise. The system is mainly intended for efficient management of assets and the resources allocated for maintenance of the assets. In this regard, the definition of the asset includes the facilities that are objects of operation, maintenance, and repair work, operation, such as: main and auxiliary production equipment, pipelines, electric grids, telecom lines and systems, instrumentation and control equipment, transport and rolling stock, buildings and structures, other assets that require technical supervision and maintenance. 

Main advantages offered by the Galaktika ??? system:

Process-based management approach (Setting up end-to-end business processes, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise)

Analyzing the efficiency of asset operation

  • A system of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Decision-making support system

Optimization of repair work schedules based on various limits

  • Availability of equipment
  • Availability of resources (finance, materials, labor).
  • Matching and compatibility of resources (APS algorithm).

Maintenance aimed at reliability (Economic repair, maintenance depending on the condition)

Performance of all EAM tasks (Assets, operation, maintenance and repair, materials, labor, finance, etc.)

Modern development platform

  • Visual and convenient user interface
  • Highly customizable to the clientís requirements
  • Easy integration with third party solutions
  • Possibility to use any DB management system
  • Open source code and availability of multiple certified professionals
  • Support of various DBMS, Win- and Web-clients, a mobile client.

Integration with the existing systems (Integration with ERP, automatic process control systems, diagnostic systems, etc.)

Target area

Programming languages: C#

Technologies: XAFARI

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