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Galaktika AMM

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Galaktika AMM (Advanced Manufacturing Management) is a comprehensive solution for management of production processes at industrial enterprises.

The system helps to achieve the main objectives of the modern business by improving the efficiency of management and optimizing the operations of the production facility as a whole.

Galaktika AMM is comprised of four application modules based on one technological platform. Due to this design, it is possible to choose the optimum functionality of the system depending on the objectives and specifics of operations of the industrial enterprise.

Galaktika AMM. Project Management

The module is intended for operative strategic planning. It is used to plan and control deadlines of the work items in the enterprise’s projects at the division levels down to responsible persons, monitor the budget deficit, and reallocate work between the staff. In combination with the “Request Production Management” module, it is used for monitoring the production work in projects and estimating its effect on the dependant non-production work items.

It is an efficient tool for the leader of the company. It provides the information to support any production or non-production projects.

Galaktika AMM. Request Production Management

The module is intended for planning and management of discontinuous assembly of few unique product items. It works from the interdepartmental level down to the level of day or shift operation plans, taking into account various resource limitations.

It ensures prompt planning and response to the changes connected with production orders during the entire work cycle, with the objective to meet all mandatory deadlines.

Galaktika AMM. Series Production Management

The module is intended for planning and management of discontinuous assembly of series of products.

The solution is based on the method of management of the production operations as a supply chain. It was designed for processing and controlling large numbers of requests while promptly responding to the changing demand and delivery dates.

Galaktika AMM. Production Support Management

The module is intended for planning, supervision and management of all work items related to preparation for the production.

It is a special solution aimed at mechanical engineering and instrument engineering enterprises. It is intended for automation and optimizing the management processes for the preparation and support of production, from the development of product design documentation for the main production facilities to the implementation of process tools and equipment.

In addition to the information system itself, Galaktika Corporation offers its clients assistance of its qualified experts in business process optimization and management procedures in the cases where the information system will be one of the tools used for achieving the objectives. 

Target area

Programming languages: C#

Technologies: XAFARI, Ranet XF eXpressApp Framework (Express Application Framework) from Developer Express

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