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SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

Developer:  SCAND  |  all projects

SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite is a plug-in, which adds full-functional support of SVG images to Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

Because of the fact, that Adobe SVG support is limited (the most up-to-date version of Adobe Creative Suite at a current point in time is CS6), it is possible to work with SVG directly in Adobe Illustrator. To avoid quality losses and edit vector graphics in InDesign or Photoshop, the only alternative is to convert SVG image to EPS vector format first.

SVG Kit gives opportunity to work with SVG like with any other supported type, which makes it efficient for design and desktop publishing purposes, when usage of numerous vector image files is assumed.

SVG Kit for Adobe InDesign features

· All InDesign graphics editing commands and options are supported.

· All the effects are applied to SVG image content (text, figures, etc.) instead of image bounding box.

· Adobe InDesign Server is supported, so it is possible to use SVG images in automated printing process in the same manner as EPS and other ones.

· SVG images 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 specification support.

· Correct support of PDF flattening, RGB and CMYK color spaces and SVG export to EPS as a vector image. No menus are added - everything is integrated into existing commands, like “Place” and “Export”.

· Ability to export SVG to ePub documents and Adobe Dreamweaver projects.

· Ability to export InDesign documents to SVG.

SVG Kit for Adobe Photoshop features

· Advanced conversion from SVG to PSD: image will be disassembled automatically, depending on SVG figures, opacity and effects. All intercepted polygons will be moved to different layers, for further image editing.

· Transparency effect is realized in specific way: if possible, it is applied not to the raster object itself, but to the whole layer.

· SVG layers are supported as well.

Supported OS and Adobe Creative Suite software

For Mac OS X:

· 32- and 64-bit, Creative Suite CS4 / CS5/CS5.5/CS6

For Windows:

· 32- and 64-bit, Creative Suite CS3, CS4 and CS5 32-bit, CS5.5 and CS6

· 32- and 64-bit, Adobe InDesign Server 32-bit CS3 and CS4

· 64-bit, Adobe InDesign Server 64-bit CS4 or CS5, Adobe Photoshop 64-bit CS4 or CS5, CS5.5 or CS6

For more details please visit our website: http://scand.com/products/svg/

Target area

Programming languages: Java, C/C++

Technologies: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Adobe InDesign

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