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Developer:  GERSIS SOFTWARE  |  all projects

The system reflects the organizational structure of the corporation, consisting of about 100 legally independent subsidiaries with over 400 departments, and their suppliers.

Users may have any combination of trans-departmental, -subsidiary –cost center and -project roles, with different assignments, rights and duties in any of their roles.Project accounting is carried out by registration of budgets, contracts, work orders, invoices, receipts, payments, progress and acceptance reports, and their allocation to individual projects. With a detailed reporting package, management and financial controllers keep an overview of project status.

  • combines  departmental projects to corporate projects;
  • manages long-term projects over several fiscal years;
  • controls debtor /creditor accounts;
  • reports detailed statistical and analytical information for year/month with monthly split by project, cost center, order, invoice etc.;
  • automated messaging informs about important events;
  • manages reference data;
  • manages a flexible system of rights and permissions.

Resources expended: 9000 man-hours


Multinational Logisics Corporation. The annual turnover is about 50 billion USD. The client has over 500,000 employees in 220 countries.

Target area

Programming languages: Java

Technologies: J2EE, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, JavaScript, jUnit, Quartz, Tiles

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