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Vivoscuola – Internet portal

Developer:  SoftTeco  |  all projects

We were approached with a request to integrate all schools of Trento province into one common resource by means of an internet portal. 

The created portal allows any school representative (teacher, student, parents) to get access to the latest school news, receive information regarding school meetings, timetables, events, download the required material, discuss the emergent issues at the portal’s forum and much more. The required information can be accessed any time and the user can take advantage of it in any form: print the required material, download or just read it. To view the content of an attached file, one can do so just by clicking on it.

The delivered solution also simplifies managerial tasks of head masters, secretariat, and primarily of HRM departments, i.e. users with the correspondent roles can get access to the lists of schools’ staff and possible candidates for working positions, schools’ card index and other.

In the course of project implementation our developers have significantly modified the Liferay’s standard functionality, primarily by extending and upgrading its features. To Liferay core portlets, Web Content List and Web Content Display, the following features have been added:
- an option to filter content by tags and categories within a list;
- an option to perform search and selection within a list;
- get RSS-feeds;
- using a list as an archive with an option to choose a year and a month
- send a link to an article via e-mail
- autocomplete for some of the form’s fields

A further addition to Liferay standard functionality was a data import mechanism.  So most of the content gets to the portal not as the result of manual input, but with use of this mechanism, where data is retrieved from our customer’s previous database. 

A standard way of data publishing and role assignment has been changed. An option to preset a certain number of pages, where content should be published, has been added to standard Liferay functionality. Another improvement dealt with the process of role-based rights assignment and user groups-based searching.

Customer benefits:
 Our cooperative work with our customer, our team’s first-hand Liferay knowledge, accurate requirements’ gathering process resulted in a very flexible and convenient portal, which is really easy to administer. The selected technology belongs to Open Source solutions, so our customer benefited to a great extent from having the project’s budget cut significantly. 

Target area

Programming languages: Java

Technologies: Oracle 10g, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, JBoss, Velocity, Liferay 5.2.3, EhCache, JSTL

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