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Automated enterprise management system based on 1C:Enterprise 8

Developer:  GBSoft  |  all projects

Automated enterprise management system is a complex solution covering main management and accounting directions. It is targeted to enterprises with the personnel number from several hundreds to several thousands, with tens and hundreds workstations.

The system includes the automation of the following areas:
- Production management;
- Warehouse (reserve) management;
- Purchase management;
- Sales management;
- Management of Customer and Supplier relations;
- Accounting, taxis, reporting;
- Finance and strategic management;
- HR management, including payroll calculations;
- Vehicle accounting.

Integration with bank client software is supported.


«Managing company Zabudova» JSC, «Agrokombinat Zhdanovichy» MRUE, «Brestvtormet» UE, «Gomelvtormet» UE,  «Mogilevvtormet» RUE, «Grodnovtormet»  State Enterprise «Vitebskvtormet» UE

Target area

Programming languages: 1C


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