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Hades – IAM System

Developer:  JNetWorks  |  all projects

Hades belongs to the category of IAM (Identity and Access Management) systems.

It is designed with two use cases in mind:
- provide identification, authentication and authorization services to the third party software
- serve as the primary source of identity and user profile information with the provisioning services to LDAP, datadase or custom identity management systems
Hades is able to perform user authentication based on the following security standards:
- basic authentication (userid/password)
- PKI certificates
- Kerberos

Hades Authorisation Service supports rules-based access control (with OASIS XACML standard as an underlying implementation). Hades allows to differentiate access permissions to the resources based on tens of different conditions and parameters including the content of user's profile, date and time, geographical location etc.

Hades Provisioning Services include (but not limited to)
- DSML support as a technical solution for LDAP provisioning 
- REST/WebService API for provisioning to custom repositories

The main advantage of using Hades is that it allows to substantially cut the costs of ownership of the infrastructure by consolidating user identity repositories and automating provisioning services.

Target area

Programming languages: Java, Flex

Technologies: Web Services, SOAP, JBoss, LDAP, DSML, PKI/Kerberos, REST

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