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Octopus. Solution for Automated Testing Control

Developer:  Applied Systems  |  all projects

Octopus represents a comprehensive solution that independently controls automated testing minimizing human involvement.

The testing control software Octopus automatically carries out the following tasks when each new build is ready:

•     starts VPCs (virtual PCs) in case of using virtualization;
•     configures the environment;
•     queues tasks according to the defined build priority;
•     launches tests upon successful build compilation;
•     registers bugs in the bug tracking system, fills in assigned fields;
•     closes fixed bugs in the bug tracking system if preset by the user;
•     generates a uniform report on all passed tests.

Octopus provides a common user interface which integrates all customer’s testing tools:  test automation tool, virtualization system, build machine, version control, and bug-tracking system. The UI offers a convenient way to parameterize these tools and test run settings for project requirements.

Octopus will greatly benefit businesses that develop or test desktop software with frequent builds and that require regular regression testing.


•    Saving min 25 % of work time due to the automation of testing-related activities.
•    Guaranteed regression testing: Octopus automatically runs tests on every produced builds:  24 hours 7 days a week of unmanned operation.
•    Efficient use of testers’ intellectual potential thanks to delegation of routine operations to Octopus.

Customer(-s): Applied Systems Ltd.

Review(-s): "To test the setup module of one (!) product build manually an experienced tester needs two and a half days, which is 20 working hours […]With the introduction of Octopus (although it was called differently at the time), everything changed as if by magic! It took Octopus 2 hours to test one build setup module..!"

Sergey Moiseichyk, software test engineer at Applied Systems

Target area

Programming languages: C++, C#, HTML

Technologies: .NET, Microsoft Silverlight

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