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Global Sales Support System for Colgate-Palmolive

Developer:  EPAM Systems  |  all projects

To compete and win in today’s global economy, corporations have to move data swiftly and seamlessly across broad networks. To help sales representatives manage a large portfolio of customers, products, and promotional material, Colgate wanted an application that provided on-demand real-time information to every sales person in distributed office environments in 30 countries. To accomplish this, Colgate realized that a sophisticated sales-support system, capable of disseminating data to multiple users and running a variety of databases on multiple hardware platforms, would be required.

The solution was Colgate’s Global Sales Support System, a proprietary mobile application, developed by EPAM. The System provides sales people with enterprise, customer, product, availability, promotional, order status, and reporting information. With little effort a sales person is able to collaborate with internal contacts, manage customer calls, manage and track sales goals, tap a product encyclopedia (including complex promotional pricing), enter and monitor orders, and analyze sales on-line with no processing delays.

The System proved to be highly efficient due to its:

•    ability for the traveling sales representatives to work off-line with all necessary information to do their job well
•    easy dial-up/intranet connection to update information with just-in-time, two-way data exchange with sales support sub-systems
•    integration with SAP R/3 enterprise and other host information systems
•    localization; multi-currency/language support, order tracking
•    re-usable, components-based architecture leveraged in 30 countries for localization and enables easy replacement or upgrade of any component
•    flexible System Setup that supports a variety of localization parameters as well as several technical platforms
•    intuitive graphical user interface that streamlines navigation and provides a drill-down capability for accessing the right level of information

Colgate-Palmolive saw its sales force become more efficient and impactful, especially in dealing with multiple languages, currencies, and promotions. The System not only met the real-time information requirement, but also saved costs by replacing the global paper mailing on thousands of product updates and reports each month. The sales force shows higher morale and greater productivity due to improved accuracy and the variety of tools and options that grade up their product knowledge. Heaps of money flow through the System each year, making it one of the most mission critical systems at Colgate.

Customer(-s): Colgate-Palmolive is an American diversified multinational corporation focuses on four core businesses: Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition. Colgate now sells its products in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Review(-s):  “Having a flexible system in place globally has allowed us to be more responsive to new business demands. More importantly, with competitive pricing pressures increasing due to the formation of the European Community the bottom line must be followed more closely than ever before. We can confidently say that we are running our sales organization as productively as possible.” 

Stefan Ziehrer, Head of Colgate Sales Support Competence Center, Germany

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