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Integrated automated system ST.Enterprise.IT

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ST. Enterprise.IT is a comprehensive application solutions, covering the basic contours of management and accounting in a manufacturing company. The solution allows you to organize a comprehensive information system that provides financial and economic activities of the enterprise.

Management accounting  in  the system based on corporate rules developed within the company, and is used to obtain the data necessary for business process management in the enterprise, its aim - to help managers quickly make decisions.

All the mechanisms of automation application solutions can be divided into two broad classes:
• Mechanisms for maintaining operations of the enterprise;
• Mechanisms for  conducting of non-operational accounting.

ST.Production.IT  is divided into separate subsystems, responsible for the decision to group similar tasks: sub-system of cash management, personnel management subsystem, the subsystem accounting, etc. This division is a certain convention , which facilitates the development of applied solutions. In the current users  work  the  borders  between subsystems hardly felt.

The system includes the following modules:
• Warehouse management of finished products;
• Warehouse Management raw materials, strict reporting forms;
• records of fixed assets and intangible assets;
• Records of banking and currency transactions, records of cash transactions;
• pricing;
• sales management, sales planning;
• procurement management, procurement planning;
• payments to individuals accountable;
• Mutual settlements with counterparties;
• production, cost accounting;
• accounting;
• accounting, settlement and development of reporting forms for taxes, duties and obligatory payments , statistical reporting;
• financial statements (balance sheet, an application to the balance sheet), statistical reporting;
• personnel records;
• payroll.

Despite the openness for integration and exchange data, the system has a strong security system. Differentiation of the job is at the level of business rules, for each user group is assigned a specific interface. At all objects, there are several levels of access: browse, open, edit, work with foreign documents, etc. In addition, closing period is controlled - when put tax reporting, closing the month running, must be a corresponding right to work in closed periods.

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Programming languages: 1C

Technologies: 1C Enterprise

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