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Integrated banking system ST.BANK.IT

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Integrated banking system (IBS) ST.BANK.IT functional content provides needs to automate core business processes of a  large multidivisional bank. The system has all the necessary modules for use in domestic and international payment systems, accounting in national and foreign currency, services to individuals, etc.

One of the advantages of  IBS ST.BANK.IT - modularity of its structure and integration, which allows to apply the system components in integration with software products and different developers, allowing the bank to build effective systems for automating business processes with the availability of both inherited and acquired banking systems.

ST.BANK.IT  key features:
• Rapid scaling  of the bank's business;
• Centralization of a data control and business processes;
• Flexible integration of applications and their usability for business;
• Efficiency and quality  of the client service;
• Flexibility and efficiency  of the data analysis;
• Optimization of the structure and financial costs of maintaining the bank's information technology;
• system operative delivery, installation and operation at a reasonable price

Customer(-s): Belarusbank, Priorbank, Belinvestbank, BelSwissBank, International Reserve Bank, SOMBelBank, RRB - Bank, Credexbank  and others.

Target area

Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Delphi, C#, PHP, HTML, .NET

Technologies: Oracle, Sybase ASA 8.0

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