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Call Recording, Analytics, and Workforce Optimization Solution

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The customer, the provider of integrated call recording and workforce optimization solutions, turned to Altoros to develop and implement analytics, reporting, and educational capabilities for their suite of solutions to improve the customer experience and increase workforce performance.

Altoros developed Reporting, Analytics, Education and other components for a call recording and workforce optimization solution. The system is aimed at improving the work of call centers, enterprises, trading floors, government agencies, and first responders.

The solution tracks and monitors all interactions of call center operators, time and duration of calls, their statuses, etc. The system then analyzes the statistics and displays real-time dashboards, charts, and reports based on that information. System supervisors use dashboards, charts, and reports to monitor operatorsí activities and improve their interactions with customers.

As all calls are recorded, supervisors can listen to any call any time. The system allows sending comments to a certain operator. If the operator has certain issues with handling calls, the supervisor can send the corresponding educational material via the system. The operator is supposed to study the material, take the test, and have the result recorded in the system. This helps not only to monitor the entire work of the call center, but also to educate the staff and improve their work.

Customer(-s): The customer is a leading innovator and provider of integrated interaction recording and workforce optimization solutions for enterprises, trading floors, government agencies, and first responders. Through its award-winning suite of solutions, the company empowers organizations to proactively improve the customer experience, increase workforce performance, ensure compliance, and align tactical and strategic objectives across the enterprise. The company has been providing proven technology and superior service to more than 1,000 customers in over 25 countries.

Target area

Programming languages: C++, C#, JavaScript

Technologies: ASP.NET, WCF, AJAX, jQuery, Silverlight, LogiXML

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