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Personal Finance Management System

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The customer decided to create a free online financial tool that analyzes user’s financial situation collecting information from his/her credit cards and bank account and offers a plan on how to get the user out of debt. The customer turned to Altoros to develop the back-end of the system to securely connect to users’ bank and credit card accounts.

The Altoros team developed a back-end functionality of the online financial tool that lets users track their credit card and bank account debts. The system makes suggestions and creates a plan to eliminate such debts.

Altoros worked out the following functionality:

•    Integration of system’s front-end that is written in Python with Yodlee—an online account aggregation and financial services tool
•    Support of multiple databases
•    Business logic for data processing
•    Enabled the system to parse the user account information in the Bank of America and the US Bank

The system is highly scalable, the front-end is written in Python, while the back-end in Java. The customer can scale the system endlessly. The service shows stable performance, user sessions are not interrupted, all the data is processed with the highest level of security.

Customer(-s): The customer provides rich integration capabilities with third-party accounting and banking services.

Target area

Programming languages: Java, Python, Clojure

Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, RPC, Yodlee

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