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Order Processing and Tracking System

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The customer, a Norwegian software vendor, needed an application that would cover a full order processing and shipment tracking cycle.

We developed a highly customizable order processing and tracking system that helps managers, office personnel, and field workers professionally and rapidly carry out transportation and order management services.

The system consists of several components:

•    The application server stores the data, such as orders, load carriers’ routes, destinations, etc.
•    The desktop client enables staff at logistic companies to manage this data—add routes, track orders, etc.
•    The mobile client enables carriers to view the information on orders and destinations. This component also tracks routes through a GPS module and exchanges position data with the server to enable the desktop client to display the routes on the visual map.

The application supports full cycle order processing: booking, planning, execution, tracking, and billing. It is designed as a modular system. Most of modules can be added and removed from the deployment. The mobile client can be customized for different workflows in order to change the sequence of execution procedures. The application is designed to be able to connect to the existing systems. Import/Export to the existing systems can be added for real-time data synchronization.

The solution is highly customizable and supports various languages. It features customer-specific fields and filtered data views can be added without recompilation.

Customer(-s): The customer provides software solutions in the Scandinavian market to the following business areas: Public Safety, Logistics and Transportation, and Security. During the last few years, the company experienced major growth both in terms of the number of customers and employees.

Target area

Programming languages: C#

Technologies: WCF, WPF, GPS, WinForms, .Net3.5, Custom developed ORM

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