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Dual-Screen Technology Web Application

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The British TV channel partnered with our customer to build a new type of Social TV application. The customer turned to Altoros to develop a scalable application that combines action replays, real-time statistics, voting tools, instant comments from watchers and experts, and other interactive features with live video broadcast.

Companies needed to launch the dual screen Web platform in a very short period of time to support the first game of the World Cup 2010 and to enable fans join for real time chat while watching the game.

Altoros developed a new type of dual-screen (TV and Web) solution that allows watching the show on the big screen while interacting online—comment, vote, chat, make bets, etc. The team made the architecture of the solution as flexible as possible to fit the changing requirements.

Altoros developed the solution in a short period of time, so the TV channel could launch it with the first game of World Cup. The system core can be leveraged to build different types of dual-screen technology applications. Every component of the solution can be utilized independently from others. This allows re-using modules in future solutions, which shortens time-to-market and decreases development costs.

Customer(-s): The customer creates live social experiences around TV and events. They specialize in making passive experiences into involving social events which resonate and drive value for audiences, broadcasters/networks and rights holders.

Target area

Programming languages: JavaScript, Ruby

Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Riak, Capistrano, rSpec

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