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Mobile Augmented Reality Travel Guide

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The customer wanted to become a market leader in the augmented reality video podcasts (vodcasts) industry for mobile devices. The application had to provide a fast, informative, and entertaining way for self-guided GPS-based walks to help one reach the top places of interest in major cities.

The team developed the mobile guide on the sights of London for iPhone that allows finding places of interest in the city using the camera of a smartphone utilizing the augmented reality and the visual map technology. Altoros implemented the augmented reality feature making the application recognize London sights and display their names and descriptions, when the user points at them with the camera of a smartphone.

The solution also allows finding sights and drawing routes on the visual map using the Google services. With this easy-to-use mobile guide, users can also find and read the information about different sights of London—a perfect app for both locals and tourists.

Customer(-s): The customer is a UK-based start-up company that focuses on providing guide software specific for the travel and leisure industry.

Target area

Programming languages: C, Objective C

Technologies: Cocoa Touch API, UIKit framework, Geocoding

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