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Android Application for a Wireless Media Device

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The customer decided to enable its wireless media device to work with Android devices, thus the company turned to Altoros to develop an application that will allow users to share files and folders on their Android-based devices to stream them through the wireless media device.

The application had to support the following functionality:

•    Serve files as an SMB server to share them on the Android device and transfer their configuration to the WMD.
•    Allow for the authentication process between the Android device and the WMD.
•    Enable to add/remove folders on the WMD via the Android device.
•    Detect the version of the WMD and check for updates.

The developed application now streams videos, music, photos, or PowerPoint presentations. The streaming is conducted via the Wi-Fi connection to a wireless media device plugged into the USB port of a media player. The application controls folders and files shared through the Server Message Block protocol.

The application allows streaming any media from the Android device to the TV, PC or any media-reading device. As a result, the customer’s device was rated among Top Five Android Devices on CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) in 2011.

Customer(-s): The customer is a Canadian technology company that develops and markets products intended to transform how people use and enjoy their media files. The company boasts a global distribution network through web sales, distributor outlets and OEM customers.

Target area

Programming languages: Java

Technologies: Android SDK, SMB, NetBIOS

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