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Mobiletag Barcodes Reader and Price Comparator

Developer:  Cedon BLR  |  all projects

Mobiletag Barcodes Reader Application is a software application for mobile phones, the implementation of which uses its own technology of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes recognition with the help of mobile phone camera.

Universal decoder. Mobiletag Barcodes Reader has a built-in universal decoder, which can read and decode 1D and 2D codes (such as Datamatrix or QR Code). User can just take a picture of 2D barcode with the help of mobile phone camera and the application will automatically process encoded in it information and in a few seconds it will give final result, which is, in most of cases, URL address on any internet content.

Electronic Price Comparator. In 1D barcodes scanning mode Mobiletag Barcodes Reader application functions as electronic price comparator. After having scanned 1D barcode on product’s package, as a result user gets more detailed information on the product (its photo, additional description and so on), the best price, list of local and on-line shops, where this product can be purchased, and also coordinates of the nearest to the user shops, which sell this category of products. With the help of code management platform, company/brand managers can add additional functionality to the 1D code content, which will be available to end user at product page;  it can be coupons, promotions, links to videos, on-line voting, etc.

In perspective NFC and Image recognition technologies are planned to be added.

Customer(-s): Mobiletag Barcodes Reader and Price Comparator application is Mobiletag Company’s own product, which became widespread in West European region. In 2010 customized version of the application (ATT Scanner) was successfully launched for AT&T Company (the USA).  Mobiletag embedded application for HTC phones (Taiwan) with custom UI is planned to be launched in 2011.

Review(-s): “Since its inception, Mobile Tag has innovated in the emerging field of Mobile marketing services. We look forward to seeing Mobile Tag’s evolution as it continues to develop new ways for brands, retailers and consumers to interact using mobile technology,” adds Nicolas Rose, Partner at XAnge Private Equity.

Target area

Programming languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Objective C

Technologies: iPhobe SDK, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Com, .NET, MFC, STL, WinAPI, BREW SDK, Symbian SDK, J2SE, UML, Android SDK

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