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CMP (Code Management Platform)

Developer:  Cedon BLR  |  all projects

CMP project – Code Management Platform is a complex comprised of web platform (CMP) and mobile web application (WebApp).  With the help of this platform brand owners and company managers can organize marketing campaigns on promoting their products, facilitating their sales and directly manage their codes content for 2D and 1D barcodes, that end-users will see on their mobile phones after having scanned a barcode.

As soon as brand’s/company’s CMP account is created users (managers of the corresponding companies) get access to the following functionality:

1) Registration of 1D and 2D barcodes with the corresponding info (picture, description, price, etc)

2) Enabling of additional options represented in special packages - MPacks. CMP account allows user activating different MPacks for a particular barcode. Automatically selected Mpacks functionality gets displayed for the end-user in mobile web application WebApp. Mpacks may offer a link to a video or a web site, an option to receive a coupon for some discount or promotion event, participation in voting, visualization of some object location on the map, etc.     

3) Company budget management.

4) Campaigns organization – group usage of the registered barcodes according to some criteria within some period of time.   

5) Access to full statistics report upon codes and campaigns usage and results filtering according to some criteria (time, age and sex, etc.).

Customer(-s): American Telephone and Telegraph Inc. (USA)

Review(-s):  “Mobile Tag is a leading provider of universal bar code reader technology … Their scanning technology, combined with AT&T’s nation’s fastest 3G network, will enable businesses and consumers to easily and quickly interact via multiple new and innovative services … Millions of subscribers have used codes managed by Mobile Tag technology,” 
Jenny Bridges, spokeswoman for AT&T, Dallas, TX.

"We’re delighted to make this investment in Mobile Tag and believe MobileTag’s technology and above all, its management platform, will be very attractive for operators, advertisers and direct marketers. We’re looking forward to helping this company achieve its international aspirations."
Frank Kelcz, SEB's appointed board-member for MobileTag

Target area

Programming languages: Java, PHP

Technologies: Web Services, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, MySQL, OpenID, Tomcat

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