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Application for optimization of the labor market (Next Vantage)

Developer:  IntexSoft  |  all projects

Next Vantage Company acts as an intermediary between students and graduates who want to work, and companies who are looking for new employees. To be effective, Next Vantage needed an application that could organize information about candidates, ensure rapid exchange of information, and thus establish a productive relationship between students and recruiters. 

This extraordinary idea could be realized only by high-class professionals possessing extensive experience in software development. So, the company Next Vantage cooperated with IntexSoft. Experts of IntexSoft successfully implemented the idea of Next Vantage and created a unique Web-based application to optimize the labor market. The application developed for Next Vantage by IntexSoft allows to organize a successful exchange of information between students and companies by transforming academic achievements of young people in the key to their successful career.

Customer(-s): Next Vantage


To Potential Customers of IntexSoft, LTD

I wanted to submit my feedback for a long-term project we recently finished. In sum, we have had a resoundingly positive experience. 
I would recommend this firm's software engineering to entrepreneurs like myself who demand mission-critical systems, as well as corporations looking to roll out significant new IT initiatives.

We handed Vasili Yavorchuk a challenging, innovative design and his team was capable of research and development at a world-class level. They were able to exploit the latest technologies and discover relevant and high-performance techniques to deliver my results. I am proud of their work and can build a business on their solution. 

I would ask Vasili to feel free to refer potential customers to me to learn about my experience.

Thanks for this opportunity to sound off,

Stefan Bund
CEO, Next Vantage, LLC

Target area

Programming languages: Java, SQL

Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, JBPM, Wicket, Tomcat, GWT, ExtGWT, JBoss ESB

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