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Educational mobile applications for Intellijoy

Developer:  IntexSoft  |  all projects

Intellijoy is a young company, which specializes in educational mobile applications for preschoolers and leads in its category on Android Market. For development of several educational mobile games,  Intellijoy cooperated with IntexSoft. Specificity of the audience demanded from the experts special skills in design, illustrations and characters. 

Through a deep expertise in mobile development, IntexSoft professionals met all expectations of the customer and created for Intellijoy colorful, memorable and truly child-friendly mobile applications. Today, applications developed for Intellijoy by IntexSoft are among the most popular apps on Android Market. Number of downloads grows, and every day more and more pre-schoolers play Intellijoy educational games.

Customer(-s): Intellijoy


"I am very gratified by the quality of Intexsoft work and by the professionalism in our communication. We internally developed the top three apps in the Education category and it was crucial for us that our outsourced apps are just as top notch. And that's exactly what happened - the apps we developed with Intexsoft get the same top ratings and download quantity as our internally developed apps. Our latest app, developed with Intexsoft, Kids Learn to Read, was chosen by Google to be featured at the Google I/O conference which took place at San Francisco on May 11". 

Alex Turetsky, Intellijoy CEO

Target area

Programming languages: Java

Technologies: Android SDK

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